Friday, November 12, 2010

Rain+Recess= 64 kids need entertained in 1 confined space

As teachers we always dread those two words that come around about this time of year and leave mid-spring . . . .  . . . . INSIDE RECESS!!  Well, those words were spoken again today and this time I had the privilege of finding activities to entertain all 64 Kindergarten students.  I was so pleased with how well they did.  We had 2 large tables filled with construction paper scraps, glue sticks and scissors (WOW!!  I earned lots of brownie points for this center!!), then we had 3 games of Candy Land, Mrs. Stacy's GIANT white board to write on to play school, pattern blocks, doll house, 2 groups of Legos, 2 Lite Brite's, along with our regular centers.  It was SUCCESSFUL if I say so myself!!

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