Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun

Thanks to the wonderful Halloween parents for putting on a fabulous Halloween party on Friday!!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Visitors to the School

Today we had visitors visiting our classrooms!  That's right, the Sharon Springs Grade School teachers came to Colby for their inservice today.  They went to many classrooms and watched lessons, talked to teachers about the Colby curriculum and more.  It was nice to be able to pass some of our wonderful ideas on to other teachers.  What a great inservice to be able to go watch another teacher inside his/her own element!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Thank you Suzanne for helping on short notice for this!!  I truly appreciate it and so did Ms. Ashley!!

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I love the PTO book fair!!  I'm a sucker for books, so my checkbook doesn't always fair well after book fair!!  Anyone else have that problem?!?!

I had 4 giving students this year!!  We have read three of the books, we're saving one for a snowy day, and the kids LOVE them!!

Thank you Savanna, Tate, Peyton and Mac for your generosity!!

Also thanks to the PTO for donating 3 books and some mini-pointers for reading!!  You deserve a big pat on the back for all you do for the teachers and students!!  THANK YOU!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I was so excited to learn that our project had been fully funded on Sunday evening.  Many of you helped us reach our goal by voting for our project during Sonic's Limeades for Learning campaign.  Sonic donated $600 to our project.  We also received donations from my mom, Ashlee Haines, a mom, and Ken Edds from Baton Rouge, LA. 

I told the kids first thing Monday morning and they were just ecstatic too!!  Of course on Tuesday they asked me where the rug and book shelf were?!?!  I had to explain that it has to be 'mailed' to our school and it probably wouldn't get here until after Halloween. 

I have posted a new project on for a digital camera for our classroom.  PTO purchased a camera for the 3 Kindergarten classrooms to share, but it will no longer download to our computers, so we REALLY need a new one.  I'm hoping that we will have great luck with this project just as we did our first one.  So, go ahead, pass it on . . . . pay it forward . . . . make a difference!
Here is pictures of the carpet and book shelf that we will be receiving soon . . . .

The carpet measures 8 ft. X 13 ft.

Here is a picture of the book shelf


Tuesday was a great morning to explore the Colby Fire Departments fire engine and smoke trailer!  Take a look at the pictures to see how much fun we had . . . .

Sunday, October 10, 2010


On Friday, I got the camera to work on my computer and download all of the pictures!!  I'm hoping we get something figured out or someone decides to be a special angel and donate a camera to our classroom ;)

Here is a couple of pictures of the class exploring with Pattern Blocks!!  They love these manipulatives.  In this month's book order there is a set of these with patterns for less than $10.  It would be a great Christmas or birthday present.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Princess's Special Week

This week, we shared Emma's Special week all week!!  I loved how she decorated her All About Me book.  My favorite page, " I want to be a Princess when I grow up!"  I know her dream will come true and it may not be the princess she is dreaming of today, but she will find that special someone who will treat her like a princess.  We also had YUMMY, homemade chocolate chip and blueberry muffins made by Emma and her Mom!!

Pattern Block Excitement!!

We've been working with pattern blocks in math this week . . . every year, these are the kids' best manipulatives.  They would literally play with them for HOURS at school if I would let them.  It is so amazing to watch their creativity come alive while learning new vocabulary in math such as rhombus, hexagon, trapezoid and more!!!  If you are ever looking for a great educational toy for your little ones, try pattern blocks. 

Pictures posted as soons as I can get them off the camera!!

Camera trouble

Well, I've been taking pictures at school with the PTO camera, but unfortunately we are having problems getting the cameras to connect to our computers to download.  I thought it was just me or the K camera, but unfortunately other classrooms are having the same problem.  So . . . . .as soon as we can get the pics off the camera, I will get them on the blog!!  IRRITATING TECHNOLOGY . . . but oh, how I LOVE thee!!