Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I was so excited to learn that our project had been fully funded on Sunday evening.  Many of you helped us reach our goal by voting for our project during Sonic's Limeades for Learning campaign.  Sonic donated $600 to our project.  We also received donations from my mom, Ashlee Haines, a mom, and Ken Edds from Baton Rouge, LA. 

I told the kids first thing Monday morning and they were just ecstatic too!!  Of course on Tuesday they asked me where the rug and book shelf were?!?!  I had to explain that it has to be 'mailed' to our school and it probably wouldn't get here until after Halloween. 

I have posted a new project on for a digital camera for our classroom.  PTO purchased a camera for the 3 Kindergarten classrooms to share, but it will no longer download to our computers, so we REALLY need a new one.  I'm hoping that we will have great luck with this project just as we did our first one.  So, go ahead, pass it on . . . . pay it forward . . . . make a difference!
Here is pictures of the carpet and book shelf that we will be receiving soon . . . .

The carpet measures 8 ft. X 13 ft.

Here is a picture of the book shelf

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Kansas Gang said...

I love this rug! Great idea, great find! Can't wait myself for the kids to use it!